Hey, if you don't know these stuffs, you'll be clueless in the manga!

This is the 'Info' section, where you can find out more about the manga and its setting. Get to understand them, and you'll be no problem in my world! Just pick a place to go.

Syara: The world which fate has taken over.
Towns and Villages: Learn more about them. Pick a sub:-
Wanderer Camp - The Wanderers don't seem to have a fixed location for a home.
Culture and Language: Be a Syarai?
Creatures and Clans: Not everyone is the same. Pick a sub:-
Nameon Wanderer - The wandering group from the forest, what are they up to?
Nameon Merchant - These people have been claimed to be mysterious and sneaky.
Nameon Peasant - A more pleasant group, you'll love them.
Nameon Healer - They have the magic to do their job, a more high-classed clan.
Children of Luck - They don't seem to grow up, do they?
Lady Alnyah: Who is she?

Still confused about something? Why not just e-mail me? Then I'll add the info here if it's relevant!