Below are MP3s licensed to free downloads and found suitable by me to relate with [ Wandering Fate ]. To download, right-click on the link and pick 'Save Target As...".

Wanderers' Theme - This piece is originally Scarborough Fair by Paul Cardall, and I thought the mood was perfect to describe the Nameon Wanderers. And it's forever salute to Paul Cardall and his amazing talent on the piano! Credit: LDS Music World

Fate of the Children - This might become the theme of the whole story. I thought it was perfect to describe the fate of the Children of Luck, very moody. Originally named Place of Dreams, piece by Bret Morrell. Credit: LDS Music World

Luck's Theme - Theme for the Children of Luck, very sweet and innocent for these children of unknown past. Piece originally called Snow Angels by Jared Johnson. Credit: LDS Music World

Miracles: Lady Alnyah's Theme - A very nice peaceful piece for the beloved Lady Alnyah, Goddess of Peace. Originally called Miracles by Paul Cardall. Credit: LDS Music World