Syara (Sha-Ra)

Population: Around 1,000,000
Residents: Syarai - Nameon, Hearse, Transheye
General Language: Talra
Surface: 1/2 covered in water, 3/10 in lowlands, 1/10 in forests and 1/10 in highlands.

The world of Syara exists as a half magical world of different creatures. Technology is not at its best, but the people still live in peace---that is, if no dangerous beasts decide to roam the villages and towns.

The lands of Syara are separated into two halves of the same size, Khina and Anikh, but are still close together by a couple of miles. The highlands and forests are resources for the best herbs and more, as well as habitats for most animals. Most towns and villages exist in the lowlands, while only a few camps are found in the mountains, and camps in the forests that are set up by the Nameon Wanderers. The water is only inhabited by fishes and other resources.

The Syarai (Sha-ra-ee) consists of different creature/species, namely Nameon, Hearse and Transheye. Currently, the Nameons take up 75.7% of the population, Hearses with 24.29% and Transheye with 0.01%. Learn more about them in Creatures and Clans.