Welcome to Wandering Fate, where everything depends on each other for life and safety...and also where you find an online manga by yours truly, Angie. Please browse around, enjoy yourself, thank you!

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10/21/06: Ack, the last update failed. DX Something went wrong with my FTP during the last minute, and it's not fixed up till now, I'm so sorry! x_x Thanks to Lily-san though, I get to upload this update as a request from Pompi. So, they're 4 extra pages, 4 extra fanart and 2 extra links since the failed update, and 3 sketches under Original Artwork! Hiatus continues through December, by the way---hopefully I can get around to update again then.
08/11/06: Finally an update! Sorry for taking so long, my life is a hectic at the moment. 4 new pages are added, including 1 fanart and 4 new links under Online Manga. Check them out, they're all awesome! ^_^ Oh yes, and I'm going on a hiatus, meaning I won't be updating until the beginning of December. Yeah, really long---I gotta prepare for exams. Please continue to vote and support me, thanks!
06/10/06: Chapter 2 has begun with cover and 4 new pages! I added some info on Nameon Wanderer in Info, including 1 new artwork. The tagboard in Manga has changed as well, since the previous one now has a pop-under. Please stay a while as well to listen to a nice piece of music, it's embed below the layout. =)
05/01/06: Wow, I've finished Chapter 1! =D How amazing is that? So pages 41 to 52 are added, including a free talk if you care to read. ^^; I think you've noticed the new layout too, it suits the next chapter. 2 new artwork in Original Art and 5 new fanarts, thank you so much! I took out Gifts and Art Trade, because I'll be having an art site for those. I think that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading and supporting me!
03/17/06: Finally updated the manga! *w* Page 36 to 40 up. Oh, and there's finally a cover art, which is on the manga's top page, just don't click on anything and wait for it to load. Message board and guestbook links are taken down for the mean time. Thanks for reading!
02/12/06: No manga update, just a couple of links added. One in Online Manga and another in Others. Visit them! =3 Oh, and my birthday's tomorrow! Wish me sweet 17! XD *gets hit*
01/28/06: It's Lunar New Year's Eve, and I'm updating! =D I've got 6 new manga pages (sorry) + 1 original art + 2 character profiles, one in Wanderers and one in Merchants. Yes, there's finally an antagonist! Check out a (sort of) spoiler page in my DeviantArt. =)
12/31/05: *w* Last update of 2005! Thanks for going through it with me all this while! Manga is updated with 5 more pages! Not only that, I've got a new fanart as well as a mini comic! Cast page is finally updated---no more thumbnails, click once and see the whole clan (including two new characters)! XD Happy New Year, everyone!! EDIT: Apparently, I just noticed a review and fanart from Riz, and it's LOVE! <3 Check out the new fanart!

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