Nameon Wanderer (Na-Mi-On)

% of Population: Around 1,000

Residence: Forest Camps
Known for: Good battle skills, reserved from magic.

The smallest clan yet most powerful in the world of Syara. This group is known to appear anytime in the forest, or supposedly hiding, usually in twos or ones. They may seem violent, but they are really friendly.

The Wanderers live in the vast forest of Khina (the left half), with no fixed residence but set camps. They live like any normal person surviving in the wilderness. But when they are in need of supplies, they venture into the nearest villages to obtain them. They associate with Peasants more, for the Peasants are kind enough to give them what they need for free. They are not very fond of Merchants, who love to sell seemingly valuable things at outrageous price. Their relationship to Healers is indifferent.

The closest clan that can get to them though, is the Children of Luck. The Wanderers have believed from the very beginning, that they are destined to protect the defenseless Children from danger, for (as implied in their name) their lives would have been meaningless and unnecessary. Even so, the number of Children is getting smaller each passing year, and so are the Wanderers.

It is very important for them to respect the elders in the family. They should not call them by their names, but use terms such as tai (father), nia (mother), rai (elder brother) and lia (elder sister). If they are to lose respect for them, they will call them by their names instead. This is a very rare case though, and is almost forbidden too. Jayne is one of the cases.

Wanderers live twice as long as other Nameons because of their battle skills and desire to serve. So to them, they look 10 when they are actually 40, 20 when they are 100.

The Wanderers are rumored to have the strongest belief in the Goddess of Peace, Lady Alnyah among all other clans. Though they do not have statues of any sort, they are very loyal to her. When entering a village or town, the first thing they will do is find the church and pray to the goddess. They also believe that she is the source of their magic.

Dislikes and Fears
While Wanderers are powerful physically and seem to fear nothing, they have their soft sides. For one, they dislike old age, even though they live longer than any other creature in the world. This is because once they are old, they are weak, and when they are weak, they will not be able to continue their job in protecting the Children, and life will become meaningless all over. The younger generation usually take this dislike to a joke (e.g. Kejen against Jayne).

Compared to the past, most Wanderers have come to dislike magic as well because of the fact that it can kill them. They now depend on their physical abilities.

The loss of a Child of Luck or a family member is one of the biggest fears owned by the Wanderers. Since they believe that they are able to protect anyone with their abilities, it is unusual to them for not being able to keep the lives of their close ones. Of course, old age is excepted from here, but grief is still included.

As another fear, brocks will have to count in this one. Wanderers have always been victorious in battles, but this time, these creatures of the dark have overpowered them. Unbeknowest to most, especially the younger generation though, there is more to these 'brocks', and it is what makes them tremble more.

It is not that the Wanderers do not have the magic vibe from the beginning. They did in the past, and had been very powerful magic users for centuries. Then it slowly faded after the appearance in Lady Alnyah. Why?

They had adapted the belief that the source of their magic has come from the goddess herself, and that by using it, they are borrowing her help. Because of their fear of returning what they have owed, they stopped their practice completely. Now, there are still books concerning magic, but most were burned, and left are advanced magic that cannot be learned unless the basic is known. And because the current Wanderers have not known basic magic, by skipping towards the advanced, they lose more energy, which will cause death if used too much.

Bannation from Clan
In order for a Wanderer to be banned from the clan, it used to be the loss of a Child of Luck that decides it. Now, anyone who is found to be using magic will be sentenced so. However, the only case that had been excepted was Sayed, whose mother pleaded for forgiveness because he was still young. After that, he practiced magic still, but only in secret.