Full Name: Kejen Leenshu
Age: 71 (Or he would prefer to answer 17)
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Hair Color: Brownish Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Weapon: 15-inch Blade
Likes: Food, nature
Dislikes: Children at his tail, ugly monsters, other people stealing his food.

The youngest of the Wanderer clan and one of the last, Kejen has set out to protect the Children of Luck on his own. He dislikes to think that he is weak, and is determined to practice magic no matter how much it can wear him out. He is also left-handed. He rarely smiles---and if he does, it's considered a miracle.


Full Name: Jayne Leenshu
Age: 105 (or 25 as she likes to answer)
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 5" (165cm)
Hair Color: Brownish Black
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Ugly monsters, being called old

Jayne is Kejen's elder sister. She cares very much for Kejen's well-being, and has for countless of times tried to warn him of the danger of using magic. However, she just can't help feeling sorry and forgiving him. She absolutely LOVES animals (the more harmless ones), which makes her a half vegetarian including the fact that she won't kill animals. So Kejen always makes sure that he brings back uglier monsters for her.


Full Name: Sayed Leenshu
Age: 90 when he died
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Hair Color: Brownish Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Weapon: Sword
Likes: Combat, saving others
Dislikes: To be thought weak

Sayed was the elder brother of Jayne and Kejen. Kejen was 46 (roughly 12 Earth years) when he died in a battle to save the Wanderer kind by using 'Forbidden Magic'. He was very much respected and loved by his younger siblings. Like Kejen now, Sayed refused to believe that he was weak, and strongly held to the fact that magic could save everyone. However, even though the use of magic had saved the Wanderer kind, it drained his life completely, leading him to death's door. Jayne does not wish to end up like Sayed, but Kejen continues to hold on to his brother's belief.


Full Name: Reiter Chooni
Age: 90 (Or he would prefer to answer 19)
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 6" (168cm)
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Green
Weapon: Small Daggers
Likes: Power, combat.
Dislikes: Being called a girl.

Reiter is Kejen's childhood playmate, even though they do not get along most of the time. Reiter is almost the opposite of Kejen as being obnoxious, having a big mouth, and boastful. He hates being called girly for the fact that it was what Kejen called him from the first time they met. He likes being a leader, but his age doesn't allow him to be a true one yet, so he likes to stick around Kejen and bosses him around. He is quite a troublemaker, and especially despises the fact that his brother likes Jayne.


Full Name: Atsen Chooni
Age: 116 (Or he would prefer to answer 26)
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 10" (178cm)
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Weapon: Sword
Likes: Jayne
Dislikes: Smelly monsters, Reiter boasting.

Atsen is the elder brother of Reiter, and sometimes likes to be Kejen's elder brother as well. He used to be a friend of Sayed. His character is very neutral, since he supports whatever opinion whether it is of the forbidden magic or not. He secretly likes Jayne and often tries to show his affection to her, but all he could do was mess up in front of her. He is kind to Kejen, understanding his feelings and giving the best advices. Kejen would not admit it, but they're many times when he pretended that Atsen is Sayed, even though he felt that no one could replace him.


Full Name: Nalan Leenshu
Age: 196
Race: Nameon Wanderer
Height: 5' 5" (164cm)
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Weapon: Staff
Likes: Her sons and daughter
Dislikes: Brocks

Nalan is the loving mother of Jayne and Kejen. Since the death of her husband, she fears the safety of her children with the existence of brocks. She is a very neutral character, not siding anywhere whether it concerns magic or not. But since the death of Sayed, she seems to have believed that what he did was the only way... Exactly like what Kejen thinks.

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